SYNC CON​, a music for film and tv conference.

We bring top powerhouse industry veterans in the music for visual media space to share their
undiluted knowledge, advise, and training to music creators. Here you get to hear from major
players about the future of these crucial pieces of the music revenue puzzle in Sync, Stream &
License sessions and how you can immediately tap into it.

In today’s music industry, working smart means exploring and taking advantage of new revenue
streams beyond the standard of album sales and gigs. With the right tools, training, knowledge,
information, people, and networking, sync and licensing can be an effective source of additional
income for music creators.

This gave birth to ​SYNC CON (Sync Conference) ​a music for film and tv conference for music

SYNC CON​ would be bringing music industry leaders in the music licensing and visual media
space to the attendees.

The goal of SYNC CON

There’s a loophole/gap existing between music creators and the ability to tap into these opportunities, and thoroughly understand how to be successful in this space. This starts with them getting a proper foundation of what music licensing is. This includes proper understanding of the 360 of music licensing, a breakdown of the communication structure that’s required when seeking a placement, formats and versions of their music, administrative (cue sheets, metadata etc). Tons of creatives don’t follow the necessary protocol that would potentially make them successful in this space. ​Sync Con’s goal is to be an educational platform in a conference format​. Not only do we want to infuse knowledge into the attendees, but also make the work and lives of the decision makers on the back end (production houses, music supervisors, coordinators, etc) easier.

It would consist of panels, 360 of music licensing, hands on training and workshops for music
creators, how to create music for film and tv, legality and documentation, marketing and
branding, radio plays and it’s importance, touring as a musician,communication etiquettes with
music supervisors and production houses, music selection process, pre and post production,
pitching to tv shows, script writing and formatting, and so much more.


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SYNC Community

Sync Community is a robust online music licensing community, exclusively for music creators to succeed in licensing their music into visual media (tv, film, ads, video games, etc) by providing continuous training & teaching, mentorship & guidance, exclusive webinar invites to connect/pitch directly to top music supervisors & sync agencies, networking opportunities, newsletter & industry updates, placement opportunities, access to industry experts, monthly Q&A, discount off all Sync Con events and more!