You may have been under the radar and not heard the BIG NEWS!

Yup, the streaming giants are looking to reduce the royalty rate paid to songwriters. Isn’t the payout rate already absurd and low?

If you had no other reason to attend Sync Con? NOW YOU DO! If your hard work and musical craft is been undervalued, shattered and belittled, it’s time you UNDERSTAND OTHER options and ways your music can generate income for YOU as a music creator.

The streaming rate is already absurd, now fighting to reduce it more? How are song creators suppose to live off their music.
It’s time you understand exactly how MUSIC LICENSING IN FILM AND TV works.

Dust off those music sitting on your hard drives and let them generate income for you when used in tv shows, movies, video games, etc.! Did you know you could be a writer/composer for tv/film? *

Ready for Sync Con, Atlanta!? If you’ve ever wanted to enter the world of Licensing your music to tv/film/ads/video games, be there! Registration link in bio.

Packed 3 days, Networking with Top Music Supervisors For TV, Film & Advertising, filling with workshops, training, and mentoring sessions.
Music licensing companies and agencies placing music in top shows such as Empire, Power, Better Call Saul, Ballers, Catfish, Claws, MTV, Starz, and many more would be present.


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